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Paper: Dissecting the Multi-Component Nature of NGC 7217 with VIRUS-W: Two Co-Rotating Stellar Components
Volume: 486, Multi-Spin Galaxies
Page: 157
Authors: Fabricius, M. H.; Coccato, L.; Bender, R.; Drory, N.; Saglia, R. P.; Williams, M.; Landriau, M.
Abstract: Previous studies have reported the existence of two counter rotating stellar disks in the early type spiral galaxy NGC 7217. We have obtained optical high resolution (R≃9000) spectroscopic data with the new fiber-based integral-field unit instrument VIRUS-W at the 2.7-m telescope of the McDonald Observatory in Texas. Our analysis confirms the existence of two components. We find them however to be co-rotating. Their vastly different velocity dispersions (∼ 20 km s-1 vs. ∼ 170 km s-1) allow us to perform a kinematic decomposition and to measure abundances in the two components. Our data suggest that NGC 7217 may be in the process of (re)growing a disk inside a more massive and higher velocity dispersion stellar bulge.
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