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Paper: VGS31b: A Highly-Inclined Ring Along a Filament in a Void: Implication for the Cold Accretion
Volume: 486, Multi-Spin Galaxies
Page: 127
Authors: Spavone, M.; Iodice, E.
Abstract: VGS31b is a highly-inclined ring galaxy found along a filament in a void. The main aim of the present work is to address the most reliable formation scenario for this object, by comparing the observed properties, i.e., structure, baryonic mass, kinematics and chemical abundances, with the theoretical predictions. The formation scenarios suggested for this class of objects are: major merging, tidal accretion or cold accretion. In the present work we check the cold accretion of gas through a ‘cosmic filament' as a possible scenario for the formation of the ring-like structure in VGS31b.
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