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Paper: The Angular Momentum of the Accreting Gas
Volume: 486, Multi-Spin Galaxies
Page: 119
Authors: Fraternali, F.
Abstract: Every galaxy is embedded in a multiphase and extended circumgalactic medium that comprises cold high-column density gas, warm ionised filaments and a hot rarefied atmosphere (corona). This circumgalactic medium is vital for maintaining blue star-forming galaxies as it provides new fresh gas for star formation to proceed. At the interface between a galaxy disc and the surrounding corona the mixing between the two media is very efficient and produces exchanges of both matter and angular momentum. After describing the various phases of the circumgalactic medium and its kinematics, I will discuss how the interplay between the host galaxy and its environment can drive a steady flow of material (gas accretion) towards the disc and the spinning up of the inner corona.
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