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Paper: Stellar Populations in the Outskirts of Spiral Galaxies Using IFS CALIFA Data
Volume: 480, Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Page: 251
Authors: Ruiz-Lara, T.; Pérez, I.; Florido, E.; Sánchez-Blázquez, P.
Abstract: We present here the first results of a study aimed at constraining the processes proposed for the stellar distribution in the outskirts of disk galaxies. To do that, we exploit the unprecedented 2D vision of nearby galaxies that the Integral Field Spectroscopy (IFS) data of the CALIFA collaboration offer. We use full spectrum fitting techniques to obtain the stellar content up to 2–3 disk scale-lengths (beyond the break radius in some cases) for a subsample of galaxies from the CALIFA sample. We find a characteristic “U-shape” profile (or hints of it) in the age distribution and a radial change in the Spatially Resolved Stellar Age Distribution (SRSAD) for the Type II galaxies analysed. For Type I galaxies, the stars located at the center are older and more metal rich than those located in the outskirts, although no clear trends are found. In addition, we clearly distinguish between the bar/disk region of barred galaxies from the SRSAD.
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