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Paper: Monitoring and Control of EMBRACE: A 4608 Element Phased Array for Radio Astronomy
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 209
Authors: Taffoureau, C.; Renaud, P.; Picard, P.; Borsenberger, J.; Torchinsky, S.; Olofsson, H.; Viallefond, F.
Abstract: EMBRACE is a technology demonstrator for the decimetre wavelength range of the Square Kilometre Array. As a demonstrator instrument, the primary goal is to test and verify its merits as an SKA candidate design. For this purpose, we have developed the control software for EMBRACE including the real-time control software, the data acquisition and the observation setup systems. We have reused and adapted the LOFAR C++ control software and implemented a similar architecture on the LCU (Local Control Unit) computer. Station Control Unit (SCU) software provides a Python interface to LCU for users to easily setup observation scripts for various types of observation and to capture integrated data. Tests with satellites and strong radio sources are in progress to validate the system and characterize the demonstrator.
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