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Paper: Gaia: Processing to Archive
Volume: 442, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASSXX)
Page: 351
Authors: O'Mullane, W.; Lammers, U.; Hernandez, J.
Abstract: Gaia is ESA's ambitious space astrometry mission with a foreseen launch date in late 2012. Its main objective is to perform a stellar census of the 109 brightest objects in our galaxy (completeness to V=20 mag) from which an astrometric catalog of μas level accuracy will be constructed. We update the viewer briefly on the status of the Astrometric Global Iterative Solution for Gaia. The results of AGIS feed in to the Main Database (MDB) which will be described here also. All results from Gaia processing in fact are in the MDB which is governed by a strict Interface Control Document (ICD). We describe the Distributed Data Model tool developed for Gaia, the Data Dictionary. Finally we mention public access to Gaia data in the archive. We present current plans and thinking on the archive from the ESA/DPAC perspective.
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