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Paper: SCUBA-2 Data Processing
Volume: 442, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASSXX)
Page: 281
Authors: Jenness, T.; Berry, D.; Chapin, E.; Economou, F.; Gibb, A.; Scott, D.
Abstract: SCUBA-2 is the largest submillimeter array camera in the world and was commissioned on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) with two arrays towards the end of 2009. A period of shared-risks observing was then completed and the full planned complement of 8 arrays, 4 at 850 μm and 4 at 450 μm, are now installed and ready to be commissioned. SCUBA-2 has 10,240 bolometers, corresponding to a data rate of 8 MB/s when sampled at the nominal rate of 200 Hz. The pipeline produces useful maps in near real time at the telescope and often publication quality maps in the JCMT Science Archive (JSA) hosted at the Canadian Astronomy Data Center (CADC).
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