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Paper: Cross-Identification of Astronomical Objects: Playing with Dice
Volume: 442, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASSXX)
Page: 79
Authors: Budavári, T.
Abstract: The cross-identification of objects in separate observations is one of the most fundamental problems in astronomy. Scientific analyses typically build on combined, multicolor and/or multi-epoch datasets, and heavily rely on the quality of their associations. Cross-matching, however, is a hard problem both statistically and computationally. We will discuss a probabilistic approach through an unusual example of dice. This analog problem is simpler in terms of the math and provides valuable insight into the conceptual problems of the matching. The results are directly applicable to astronomy. On the sky the method yields simple, intuitive formulas in the usual limits that are easily calculable, but also generalizes to more complicated situations. It naturally accommodates more sophisticated physical models, such as that of the spectral energy distribution of galaxies or the proper motion of stars. Building on this new mathematical framework, new tools are being developed to enable automated associations.
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