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Paper: The XID Results Database of the XMM-Newton Survey Science Center
Volume: 442, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASSXX)
Page: 69
Authors: Michel, L.; Motch, C.
Abstract: (Written on behalf of the Survey Science Center of the XMM-Newton satellite)
The Survey Science Center (SSC) of the XMM-Newton satellite has carried out several large optical campaigns aiming at the spectroscopic identification of samples of about a thousand X-ray sources at various X-ray flux levels and towards different Galactic directions. In addition, the SSC has obtained multi-color wide-field imaging for hundreds of XMM-Newton fields. Building learning samples for the statistical identification of all 2XMM sources was one of the main drivers for undertaking these observing campaigns. However, as demonstrated by the amount of papers published, these collections of data also constitute a very valuable resource which can be used for addressing a wide range of astrophysical issues. We describe the content and architecture of the XID results database recently opened by the SSC and containing a first installment of these data. The interface provides easy selection and browsing through catalogs and access to all optical images and spectral data associated with any given X-ray source as well as all relevant XMM-Newton data. The database was created using the database generator Saada and, together with the XCat-DB already deployed at the Observatoire de Strasbourg, provides another example of the flexibility, ease of use and scalability offered by Saada.
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