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Paper: Data Processing and Archiving at the North American ALMA Science Center
Volume: 442, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASSXX)
Page: 57
Authors: Lacy, M.; Halstead, D.; Hatz, M.
Abstract: The Atacama Large mm/submm Array (ALMA) is expected to begin Early Science operations in approximately one year. The data rate is expected to ramp up from ∼20TB/yr (using the first 16 antennas) in 2011–2012 to the fully operational rate (with all 64 antennas) of ∼ 200TB/yr in 2013. During this time, our data processing capabilities will also evolve, as we move from being able to process most datasets on desktop machines, to needing to use computing clusters to process a typical dataset. In this poster we present the data processing and archiving plans for the NAASC, and how these relate to the observatory pipeline processing and archiving activities at the Joint ALMA Observatory in Santiago.
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