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Paper: HeDaM: The Herschel Database in Marseille
Volume: 442, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX (ADASSXX)
Page: 25
Authors: Roehlly, Y.; Buat, V.; Heinis, S.; Moreau, C.; Gimenez, S.
Abstract: The Herschel Database in Marseille (HeDaM) is an information system operated by the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM) datacenter — CeSAM. Gathering data from various Herschel Space Observatory surveys, HeDaM serves both as a collaboration tool between scientists and as a way to distribute public data to a wider community. With HeDaM, users have access to the direct download of catalogs and maps, but also to value-adding services such as: multi-λ FITS cut-outs, integration with Aladin applet and Topcat, and list-based cone searches.
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