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Paper: Transient Response Astronomy: How and Why
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 112
Authors: Seaman, R.; Williams, R.
Abstract: A time domain tsunami threatens observational astronomy. Survey archives of the static sky have the chance to mature for several years before being published. But vast cascades of celestial transient events will be released from the very beginning of grand new projects such as the Large Synoptic Survey, Pan-STARRS and the Dark Energy Survey. Rapid follow-up combined with reliable semantic classification will be required for scientifically productive transient response observing modes. The VOEvent standard of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance is one ingredient for constructing flexible, efficient, autonomous architectures for carrying out experimental design when time is of the essence. We discuss constraints of scheduling, robotic control, observing modes, cadence, instrumentation, and telescope networking that will determine the success or failure of the systematic exploration of the terrain of time.
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