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Paper: 6D Visualization of Multidimensional Data by Means of Cognitive Technology
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 449
Authors: Vitkovskiy, V.; Gorohov, V.; Komarinskiy, S.
Abstract: On the basis of the cognitive graphics concept, we worked out the SW-system for visualization and analysis. It allows to train and to aggravate intuition of researcher, to raise his interest and motivation to the creative, scientific cognition, to realize process of dialogue with the very problems simultaneously. The Space Hedgehog system is the next step in the cognitive means of the multidimensional data analyze. The technique and technology cognitive 6D visualization of the multidimensional data is developed on the basis of the cognitive visualization research and technology development. The Space Hedgehog system allows direct dynamic visualization of 6D objects. It is developed with use of experience of the program Space Walker creation and its applications.
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