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Paper: Adding Support to the ALMA Common Software for Real-Time Operations through the Usage of a POSIX-Compliant RTOS
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 441
Authors: Tobar, R. J.; von Brand, H.; Araya, M. A.; Juerges, T.
Abstract: The ALMA Common Software (ACS) framework lacks of the real-time capabilities to control the antennas’ instrumentation — as has been probed by previous works — which has lead to non-portable workarounds to the problem. Indeed, the time service used in ACS, based in the Container/Component model, presents plenty of results that confirm this statement. This work addresses the problem of design and integrate a real-time service for ACS, providing to the framework an implementation such that the control operations over the different instruments could be done within real-time constraints. This implementation is compared with the current time service, showing the difference between the two systems when subjecting them to common scenarios. Also, the new implementation is done following the POSIX specification, ensuring interoperability and portability through different operating systems.
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