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Paper: Impact of Gfarm, a Wide-area Distributed File System, upon Astronomical Data Analysis and Virtual Observatory
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 433
Authors: Tanaka, M.; Tatebe, O.
Abstract: While 100 TB-scale astronomical data are available through Virtual Observatories, there are still several issues for large-scale data analysis that include transferring a large amount of data and securing enough capacity of storage. We thus propose a VO-capable file system in order to offer easy access to astronomical data, by utilizing Gfarm, a wide-area distributed file system developed as an e-Science infrastructure. Gfarm is a distributed file system that federates storage systems in wide area. It is designed to achieve high reliability and high performance exploiting file replicas and distributed file access. These features facilitate large-scale astronomical data analysis under research collaboration of multiple distant organizations. We discuss file system structure and search method which are compliant with VO standards and the initial performance of data analysis on this system.
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