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Paper: User Support in the Virtual Astronomical Observatory
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 414
Authors: Stobie, E.; Seaman, R.; Mighell, K.; Bunn, S. E.; Williams, R.
Abstract: As we anticipate the U.S. Virtual Astronomical Observatory (VAO) entering its operational phase, support for a growing number of users will become ever more important. The role of VAO User Support will be considered as having responsibility in three key areas: (1) for maintaining and expanding the VAO Help Desk and Web Site, which will give access to any catalogs, services, and tools that the VAO may provide; (2) for conducting aggressive Testing and Readiness Reviews, so that those tools and services will work reliably and will be well documented; and (3) for pursuing deverse opportunities for Training and Advocacy, including tutorials, seminars, and support for advanced use of the VAO. The authors present our view of how such pieces should work together with the hope of receiving feedback from the community to inform the development of program plans for VAO User Support. Funding for the VAO is pending and specific program activities and services are subject to the review and approval of the NSF and NASA.
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