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Paper: Extending the Device Support for the ALMA Control Subsystem Code Generation Framework
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 390
Authors: Reveco, J.; Mora, M.; González, V.; Sáez, N.; Ibsen, J.; Staig, T.; Reyes, C.; Kern, J.; Juerges, T.
Abstract: The existing code generation framework in the ALMA Control subsystem provides basic and functional code for ALMA antenna devices using CAN bus as communication interface. There are also devices which use Ethernet communication. This paper explains how the code generation framework, based on openArchitectureWare, was extended to include the code generation of Ethernet control components, working on top of the ALMA Common Software (ACS) distributed control framework. In order to achieve this, a new datamodel and new class templates were created, and the device components design adapted.
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