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Paper: Illusion - A Fabry-Perot Data-Cube Synthesizer
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 382
Authors: Quint, B. C.; Taylor, K.; Ferrari, F.; de Oliveira, C. M.; Muramatsu, M.
Abstract: Illusion is a software package designed to synthesize Fabry-Perot data for the Brazilian Tunable Imager Filter (BTFI) project which is developing an instrument for the SOAR telescope at the Universidade de São Paulo in collaboration with several other institutes in Brazil, Canada and France. The Illusion package synthesizes data to help in the development of data reduction routines, to train observers and to simulate observations in different contexts. The synthesized data are obtained using different kinds of sources located in the telescope’s image plane modified by the Fabry Perot Airy profile. The results are delivered as data cubes in the FITS format and they have been a powerful resource in the development of new data reduction routines and for the training of the BTFI’s software and observing groups.
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