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Paper: e-Infrastructures for Astronomy: An Integrated View
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 357
Authors: Pasian, F.; Longo, G.
Abstract: As for other disciplines, the capability of performing “Big Science” in astrophysics requires the availability of large facilities. In the field of ICT, computational resources (e.g. HPC) are important, but are far from being enough for the community: as a matter of fact, the whole set of e-infrastructures (network, computing nodes, data repositories, applications) need to work in an interoperable way. This implies the development of common (or at least compatible) user interfaces to computing resources, transparent access to observations and numerical simulations through the Virtual Observatory, integrated data processing pipelines, data mining and semantic web applications. Achieving this interoperability goal is a must to build a real “Knowledge Infrastructure” in the astrophysical domain. Also, the emergence of new professional profiles (e.g. the “astro-informatician”) is necessary to allow defining and implementing properly this conceptual schema.
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