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Paper: Towards a Reference Implementation of a Standardized Astronomical Software Environment
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 349
Authors: Paioro, L.; Garilli, B.; Grosbøl, P.; Tody, D.; Fenouillet, T.; Granet, Y.; Surace, C.
Abstract: The OPTICON Network 3.6 (FP6) and the US NVO, coordinating with international partners and the Virtual Observatory, have already identified high-level requirements and a global architectural design for a future astronomical software environment. In order to continue this project and demonstrate the concepts outlined, the new OPTICON Network 9.2 (FP7) was born and is working on a concrete prototype which will contribute to the development of a reference implementation of the basic core system to be jointly developed by the major partners. As the reference implementation stabilizes, we plan to work with selected groups within the astronomical community to port software to test the new environment and provide feedback for its further evolution. These groups will include both producers of new software as well as the major legacy systems (e.g. AIPS, CASA, IRAF/PyRAF, Starlink and ESO Common Pipeline Library).
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