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Paper: MSOTCS: A New Telescope Control System for the Australian National University’s 2.3m Telescope at Siding Spring
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 345
Authors: Nielsen, J.; Hovey, G.
Abstract: A new telescope control system, MSOTCS, has been written for the ANU’s 2.3m telescope at Siding Spring Observatory. The system has now been in use for approximately 12 months. An overview of the software, whilst in the early stages of development, was presented at ADASS XIV (Jarnyk & Hovey 2005). In this paper we reflect upon those initial design decisions, discuss the development process and subsequent deployment of the system, and look at the experiences of running the system over the past year. Two areas have been chosen for more detailed discussion. Firstly one of the key features designed into MSOTCS, support for remote and automated observing, is considered. The implications of supporting this style of observing are followed from the initial design, to the implementation, and finally through to the deployment and ongoing support of the system. Secondly we discuss QNX, the choice of deployment platform for MSOTCS.
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