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Paper: TGCat, The Chandra Transmission Grating Catalog and Archive: Systems, Design and Accessibility
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 329
Authors: Mitschang, A. W.; Huenemoerder, D. P.; Nichols, J. S.
Abstract: The recently released Chandra Transmission Grating Catalog and Archive, TGCat, presents a fully dynamic on-line catalog allowing users to browse and categorize Chandra gratings observations quickly and easily, generate custom plots of resulting response corrected spectra on-line without the need for special software and to download analysis ready products from multiple observations in one convenient operation. TGCat has been registered as a VO resource with the NVO providing direct access to the catalogs interface. Catalog processing is automated in order to consistently have the latest available products, and is massively scalable allowing rapid reprocessing of catalog data. A unique feature of the catalog is that all of the high level functions used to retrieve inputs from the Chandra archive and to generate the final data products are available to the user in an ISIS written library with detailed documentation. Here we present a structural overview of the Systems, Design, and Accessibility features of the catalog and archive.
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