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Paper: FAZZ, a FITS Cube/Image Browsing and Analyzing Tool in IDL
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 297
Authors: Ikeda, N.; Kitamura, Y.; Yoshida, A.; Tatei, H.; Onodera, S.; Momose, R.
Abstract: We have developed a visualization and analysis tool set for FITS image and cube data, “FAZZ”, in Interactive Data Language (IDL). FAZZ has the following main features. First, various types of visualization modules are implemented to meet many requirements of scientific analyses, especially those in radio wavelength. Second, the quality of maps and plots is high enough to be used for publication directly. Third, the data process flow can be easily understood on the GUI panels. Simultaneously, all the operations via mouse on the GUI panels can be repeated by executing an IDL script. FAZZ has been tested in Nobeyama Radio Observatory (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) for release as one of the official analysis tools. Furthermore, FAZZ will be one of the visualization modules of a data reduction toolkit for slow-scan observations with Far-Infrared Surveyor on the AKARI satellite. The FAZZ source code and the IDL Virtual Machine saveset have been available for public.
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