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Paper: Multi-Threading for ESO Pipelines
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 241
Authors: de Bilbao, L.; Lundin, L. K.; Ballester, P.; Banse, K.; Izzo, C.; Palsa, R.; García-Dabó, C. E.
Abstract: The second generation of instruments for ESO’s VLT at Paranal Observatory will increase dramatically the volume of raw data per night. This in turn leads to very high computational needs that can be, up to some level, addressed by existing multi-core, shared-memory computers. To fully utilize these multi-processor systems we need to implement a programming environment supporting multi-threaded execution of applications. Such parallel execution needs to be introduced at the level of pipeline recipes as well as within the Common Pipeline Library (CPL) on which all operational VLT pipelines of ESO are based. We describe our approach to providing such a new, multi-threading pipeline setup and evaluate possible implementation solutions with some performance measurements.
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