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Paper: The CDS Portal: a Unified Way to Access CDS Services
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 221
Authors: Boch, T.; Derriere, S.
Abstract: The CDS portal is a newly developed Web application, which aims at providing a uniform search interface to CDS services (Simbad, VizieR and Aladin). For a given position or object name, the portal returns a summary of available information and data in the various services. Following the Virtual Observatory (VO) paradigm of shifting the results, not the data, we also provide each user with a private virtual storage space where one can save results obtained from Simbad or VizieR, or upload ones own local table. Stored data can later be reused as inputs to other services, cross-identified or saved in VO-compatible formats. The portal has been built as a lightweight application able to run in any modern browser without the need to install a dedicated plug-in. It relies upon the Google Web Toolkit technology, an open source framework for Web applications, which was helpful in allowing us to reuse or adapt as much as possible existing HTTP services.
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