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Paper: A VO-Driven Astronomical Data Grid in China
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 175
Authors: Cui, C.; He, B.; Yang, Y.; Zhao, Y.
Abstract: With the implementation of many ambitious observation projects, including LAMOST, FAST, and Antarctic observatory at Doom A, observational astronomy in China is stepping into a brand new era with emerging data avalanche. In the era of e-Science, both these cutting-edge projects and traditional astronomy research need much more powerful data management, sharing and interoperability. Based on data-grid concept, taking advantages of the IVOA interoperability technologies, China-VO is developing a VO-driven astronomical data grid environment to enable multi-wavelength science and large database science. In the paper, latest progress and data flow of the LAMOST, architecture of the data grid, and its supports to the VO are discussed.
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