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Paper: Design of Astrometric Mission (JASMINE) by Applying Model Driven System Engineering
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 99
Authors: Yamada, Y.; Miyashita, H.; Nakamura, H.; Suenaga, K.; Kamiyoshi, S.; Tsuiki, A.
Abstract: We are planning space astrometric satellite mission named JASMINE. The target accuracy of parallaxes in JASMINE observation is 10 micro arc second, which corresponds to 1 nm scale on the focal plane. It is very hard to measure the 1 nm scale deformation of focal plane. Eventually, we need to add the deformation to the observation equations when estimating stellar astrometric parameters, which requires considering many factors such as instrument models and observation data analysis. In this situation, because the observation equations become more complex, we may reduce the stability of the hardware, nevertheless, we require more samplings due to the lack of rigidity of each estimation. This mission imposes a number of trades-offs in the engineering choices and then decide the optimal design from a number of candidates. In order to efficiently support such decisions, we apply Model Driven Systems Engineering (MDSE), which improves the efficiency of the engineering by revealing and formalizing requirements, specifications, and designs to find a good balance among various trade-offs.
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