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Paper: SIMPLE Imaging and Mosaicking PipeLinE
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 87
Authors: Wang, W.-H.
Abstract: The SIMPLE Imaging and Mosaicking PipeLinE (SIMPLE) is an Interactive Data Language based data reduction environment designed for processing optical and near-IR data obtained from wide-field mosaic cameras. It has standard functions for flat fielding, sky subtraction, distortion correction, and photometric and astrometric calibrations. One of the key features of SIMPLE is the ability to correct for image distortion from a set of dithered exposures without relying on any external information (e.g., distortion function of the optics, or an external astrometric catalog). This is achieved by deriving the first-order derivatives of the distortion function directly out of the dithered images. This greatly help to produce accurate astrometry as well as to preserve image sharpness in the mosaicked/stacked image. Although SIMPLE is designed toward a general reduction environment, the current distribution of SIMPLE has two highly optimized packages, one for the Wide-field InfraRed Camera on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope and the other for the Multi-Object InfraRed Camera and Spectrograph on the Subaru Telescope. Future SIMPLE distributions will include more optimized reduction packages for different instruments.
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