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Paper: Current Status of Single-Dish Data Analysis Software for ALMA
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 83
Authors: Nakazato, T.; Sugimoto, K.; Kawasaki, W.; Kosugi, G.; Tsutsumi, T.
Abstract: We summarize a current status and a future development plan of the single-dish analysis capability of CASA (Common Astronomical Software Applications). CASA is a data analysis package for the next generation radio astronomical telescopes, and supports an analysis of both interferometric and single-dish data. CASA is able to perform a basic data reduction processes for single-dish data such as calibration, baseline fitting, flagging, averaging, and smoothing of spectral data. In addition, CASA is capable of an imaging of single-dish data. Improvement of currently available functionalities and support for data obtained with a currently unsupported observing mode will be implemented in the next release (3.0) that is planned at the end of 2009.
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