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Paper: Data Visualization and Statistics in the VO Environment
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 55
Authors: Kembhavi, A.
Abstract: Vast quantities of astronomical data can now be accessed through data archive s and other sources. The data can be in highly processed form, presented as ready-to-use tables. Data on the same set of objects can be available over a wide range of wavelengths, which facilitates multiwavelength studies. The focus has therefore shifted from processing of raw data and images using a variety of techniques, to the scientific analysis of the processed data products. The data to be analyzed may involve only a few to several tens of objects, which have to be subjected to statistical studies, aided by advanced visualization. Or the data could be vast, perhaps even be spread over archives in more than one location, making it impractical to get it to the user’s end for analysis. These and other situations call for appropriate tools for visualization and sifting of the data, for advanced statistical analysis and related tasks. Several sophisticated but easy to use tools for such analysis have been developed in recent years in the framework of Virtual Observatories. Some important tools developed by the Virtual Observatory India project will be reviewed in this paper, with some reference to similar tools developed by other VO projects.
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