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Paper: Cepheids and Long-Period Variables in NGC 4258
Volume: 432, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2009
Page: 207
Authors: Hoffmann, S.; Macri, L.
Abstract: We present preliminary results of a survey for Cepheids and long-period variables in NGC 4258. This galaxy plays a key role in the Extragalactic Distance Scale due to its very precise and accurate maser-based distance. Our observations were obtained at the Gemini North Observatory in the gri bands over 22 epochs spanning 4 years. We have discovered long-period Cepheids which we have used to extend the P-L relation in this galaxy beyond its previous limit of P<45 days. This will enable a more accurate calibration of the P-L relation in this important galaxy. Additionally, we have identified long-period variables and present their properties.
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