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Paper: Promising Observational Methods for Detecting the Epoch of Reionization
Volume: 432, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2009
Page: 65
Authors: McQuinn, M.
Abstract: It has been several years since the first detection of Gunn-Peterson troughs in the z>6 Lyα forest and since the first measurement of the optical depth to the surface of last scattering from the large-scale polarization anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). Present day CMB measurements provide a significant constraint on the mean redshift of reionization, and the forest provides a lower bound on the redshift at which reionization ended. However, no observation has yielded information on the duration and morphology of this process. This article is intended as a short review on the most promising observational methods that aim to detect and study this cosmic phase transition, focusing on CMB anisotropies, gamma ray burst afterglows, Lyα emitting galaxies, and redshifted 21cm emission.
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