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Paper: Optical and Near-IR Interferometry
Volume: 432, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2009
Page: 3
Authors: Boyajian, T. S.
Abstract: With the advances of long baseline, optical and near-IR interferometry in recent years, we have revisited the field of fundamental astrophysics, adding a wealth of knowledge about stars otherwise unresolved with ordinary telescopes. I will review the current status of online optical/infrared interferometers around the world (currently a total of nine in operation). The main focus of this review will focus on the science tied to measuring fundamental properties of nearby, main-sequence stars with long baseline optical/infrared interferometry. This includes accurately measuring their sizes, temperatures, and masses. Additionally, we will lead a brief discussion on imaging stars with interferometry, and hence the ability to measure temperature gradients, disks, mass transfers, and spatial distortions/oblateness due to rapid rotation.
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