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Paper: Search for Exoplanets using TTVs in the Southern Hemisphere
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 462
Authors: Hoyer, S.; Rojo, P.; López-Morales, M.
Abstract: The method of transit timing variations (TTVs) is sensitive to detect additional low mass planets in transiting exoplanetary systems that are otherwise undetectable by other methods like RVs. In 2008 we started a homogeneous monitoring of transiting planets in the Southern Hemisphere with observations of cadence of 20 to 50 seconds. By carefully measuring the central time we will be able to detect long- and short-term variations of the orbital period of the primary transit. In this contribution we will present results of the analisys of TTVs interesting case: the transiting hot Jupiter OGLE-TR-111.
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