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Paper: Towards Astrometric Detection of Neptune- to Earth-Mass Planets around M-Stars
Volume: 430, Pathways Towards Habitable Planets
Page: 405
Authors: Bergfors, C.; Brandner, W.; Janson, M.; Kudryavtseva, N.; Daemgen, S.; Hippler, S.; Hormuth, F.; Henning, T.
Abstract: Astrometric planet searches with the GRAVITY VLTI instrument will be able to detect planets in the range from a few Earth-masses to Neptune-masses around nearby low-mass stars. High-resolution Lucky Imaging with AstraLux has provided a sample of nearby M dwarf binaries which defines a potential target list for astrometric planet detection with GRAVITY. We present the GRAVITY planet detection limits for one of the M dwarf binaries detected in the AstraLux survey.
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