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Paper: Kinetic Modeling of Interstellar Hydrogen in the Heliosphere
Volume: 429, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows, Astronum-2009
Page: 227
Authors: Heerikhuisen, J.; Pogorelov, N. V.
Abstract: The interaction between the two plasmas of the solar wind and the local interstellar medium is complicated by the presence of neutral hydrogen that dominates by mass beyond ∼ 40 AU from the Sun. The weak coupling, due to charge-exchange collisions, between the charged and neutral species results in a variety of non-local effects, and requires the hydrogen atoms to be modeled kinetically. Three-dimensional models constructed in this way have proven critical to understanding the distant heliosphere, particularly because there are very few spacecraft measurements of this region. In this paper we outline a new approach to generating the charge-exchange coupling terms for the charged component, based on using the full 6-D distribution function of hydrogen, rather than simply logging individual charge-exchange events.
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