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Paper: Neutrino Probe Comparisons of Supernovae as a Function of Redshift
Volume: 426, Proceedings of the 2009 Snowbird Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Workshop (SNOWPAC 2009)
Page: 60
Authors: Fryer, C. L.
Abstract: We compare aspects of supernova explosions produced in the current epoch against those produced in the first round of star formation. Although the total final mass of stars can change dramatically between these two epochs due to different mass-loss rates from winds, their cores remain very similar. The core structure is more sensitive to the stellar evolution code than it is to the amount of metals. As such, current stellar models produce supernovae from first stars that look very similar to that of stars produced in the current epoch. The neutrino signal, a powerful probe of the inner core, is identical to the few percent level for both star formation epochs. A change in the neutrino signal in the supernova population between these two star formation epochs will only arise if the initial mass function is altered.
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