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Paper: VERITAS Observations of Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources
Volume: 426, Proceedings of the 2009 Snowbird Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Workshop (SNOWPAC 2009)
Page: 35
Authors: Hui, C. M.; VERITAS Collaboration
Abstract: VERITAS, an array of imaging atmospheric Cherekov telescopes located in southern Arizona, is sensitive to gamma rays from 100 GeV to more than 30 TeV. We present results from VERITAS galactic observations since 2006. These observations include strong detections of supernova remnants IC 443 and Cassiopeia A; a survey of selected pulsar wind nebulae; and the detection of LS I +61 303, an X-ray binary with variable gamma-ray flux that is at maximum close to the apastron.
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