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Paper: Getting to Know HELYCON: The Alternative CR Detector
Volume: 424, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Astronomical Society
Page: 450
Authors: Gizani, N. A. B.; Bourlis, G.; Christopoulou, P.; Leisos, A.; Tsirigotis, A. G.; Tzamarias, S. E.
Abstract: The HEllenic LYceum Cosmic Observatories Network is a collaboration between Greek and international Universities as well as national Research Centres and Educators of the western Greek prefecture. HELYCON is an original telescope, which detects Extensive Air Showers of very energetic cosmic rays coming from galactic and extragalactic sources. It is used not only for scientific purposes, but also for educational ones allowing students, teachers and pupils to participate to the experiment. It consists of scintillation counters and radio antennas. The antennas are used to detect the radio signal coming from the detected cosmic rays. Each station consists of 3 detectors and one antenna. Such stations are distributed over greater Patra, Thessaloniki, and the Chios and Cyprus Islands. HELYCON is also used for the calibration of KM3NeT, the future Mediterranean neutrino telescope.
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