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Paper: Aristarchos RISE2: A Wide-Field Fast Imager for Exoplanet Transit Timing
Volume: 424, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Astronomical Society
Page: 426
Authors: Boumis, P.; Pollacco, D.; Steele, I.; Meaburn, J.; Xilouris, E. M.; Katsiyannis, A. C.; Bode, M.; Bates, S. D.; Goudis, C. D.; Keenan, F. P.; Watson, C.
Abstract: The detection of exoplanets is currently of great topical interest in astronomy. The Rapid Imager for Surveys of Exoplanets 2 (RISE2) camera will be built for exoplanet studies and in particular for detection of transit timing variations (TTV) induced by the presence of a third body in the system. It will be identical to RISE which has been running successfully on the 2m Liverpool Telescope since 2008 but modified for the 2.3m ARISTARCHOS telescope. For TTV work the RISE/LT combination is regularly producing timings with accuracy <10 seconds making it the best suited instrument for this work. Furthermore, RISE2/AT has the added benefit of being located at a significantly different longitude to the LT/RISE on La Palma, hence extending the transit coverage.
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