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Paper: Magnetic Fields and Hα Filament Formation during Solar Minimum
Volume: 428, SOHO-23: Understanding a Peculiar Solar Minimum
Page: 123
Authors: Panasenco, O.; Pevtsov, A.
Abstract: We use multi-instrument observations taken during April 2007, a period of extremely low sunspot activity, to investigate the properties of magnetic fields and their potential role in the formation of chromospheric filaments. For one studied case, we found that some of the necessary conditions for forming a filament are: (1) a well-developed filament channel exists, and (2) an overlying arcade is present, but apparently there is insufficient material in Hα in the chromosphere to form an enduring filament. Furthermore, when plasma observed in He II 304 Å is injected into the filament channel, we do see an Hα filament appearing for a short period of time. Therefore, we conclude that the main reason for the absence of filaments in Hα is that a mechanism supplying material for a filament into the filament channel does not work as efficiently as in other periods of the solar activity cycle.
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