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Paper: Did Recent Large-Scale Evolution of the Magnetic Field Presage the Unusual Current Minimum?
Volume: 428, SOHO-23: Understanding a Peculiar Solar Minimum
Page: 93
Authors: Benevolenskaya, E. E.
Abstract: The recent investigations of the solar magnetic activity reveal the unusual behavior during the minimum phase of the solar cycles 23–24. We observe the unpredictable long solar minimum, and how it is really unusual. The new magnetic flux is coming but the Sun looks mostly blank (free of sunspots). During last three cycles the polar magnetic fields are decreasing. It could be leading to the situation where the poloidal magnetic field is not sufficient (according to the dynamo theory) to generate the strong new toroidal magnetic field. From the other hand, modern dynamo models failed to predict a beginning of the next solar cycle 24. In this paper I overview the dynamics of the solar magnetic field inferred from the SOHO/MDI data during the cycle 23 and the epoch of the overlapping cycles 23 and 24, trying to understand the puzzle of the modern solar minimum.
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