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Paper: A New Tool in the Modelling of Stellar Pulsations
Volume: 349, Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Page: 215
Authors: Csubry, Z.; Kollath, Z.
Abstract: One-dimensional nonlinear pulsation codes are successful in modelling of many features of radial stellar oscillations. There are still many unsolved problems that require more realistic theoretical models. Three-dimensional calculations of full amplitude stellar models are impossible at the moment (and in the near future), so the radial codes still have a major role in the modelling of the variable stars.
Our new development the HYdro COde Builder is a high level language to create codes for solving one-dimensional hydrodynamical problems. This tool makes it possible to easily extend the pulsation code with additional equations (e.g. a more complex model of convection or treatment of radiation transfer). These improvements possibly result in a better correspondence between observational and theoretical results.
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