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Paper: Detecting and Measuring Reconnection Outflows in the Hinode Era
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 455
Authors: Savage, S. L.; McKenzie, D. E.
Abstract: Our aim has been to provide direct quantitative measurements of reconnection signatures during solar flaring events in order to constrain the properties of flare energetics. Reconnection outflows are observed as sunwardflowing voids during long-duration flares, consistent with 3D reconnection models. Through the use of our automatic detection software, we have obtained trajectories, velocities, sizes, and magnetic flux information for outflows in several flares from various instruments. Several limitations have been encountered with instruments prior to the availability of Hinode, and it is the purpose of this work to show the progress we have made in detecting reconnection signatures in the form of supra-arcade downflows (SADs) and to emphasize the potential of making better detections and measurements with Hinode’s X-ray Telescope (XRT).
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