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Paper: Saturation of Magnetic Helicity as an Indicator of the Possible Occurrence of a Solar Flare
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 439
Authors: Magara, T.
Abstract: We study the photospheric evolution of a flare-productive active region (NOAA10930) on the Sun. Hinode’s Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) provides us with the temporal development of vector magnetic fields in the photosphere, which enables us to derive the magnetic helicity injected to the active region. The magnetic helicity is a quantity representing how much magnetic configuration is distorted, and we investigate a key feature of helicity evolution that relates to the occurrence of a flare. We show that the saturation in helicity evolution indicates the possible occurrence of a flare, which might be useful for the prediction of flares.
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