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Paper: A Southern Optical/Infrared Survey of Interstellar Polarization
Volume: 343, Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions
Page: 305
Authors: Magalhães, A.M.; Pereyra, A.; Melgarejo, R.; de Matos, L.; Carciofi, A.C.; Benedito, F.F.C.; Valentim, R.; Vidotto, A.A.; da Silva, F.N.; de Souza, P.P.F.; Faria, H.; Gabriel, V.S.
Abstract: We describe a survey of interstellar polarization in the galaxy and the optical data acquired during the last four years. The goal is to improve the knowledge of the magnetic field structure of the diffuse Interstellar Medium, the ratio between the random and uniform components of the field and the scale length of the field fluctuations. Related goals are the study of the magnetic field through clouds at high galactic latitudes and across open clusters for mapping the field on small scales. We present both an account of the directions and objects observed and representative data. An IR extension of the Survey has begun in 2004 and will concentrate on the Galactic Plane. The Survey is being carried out with the IAG-USP 60-cm telescope. Future plans include the use of a 2m Robotic Telescope.
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