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Paper: Examining the Effect of Local Magnetic Field on Coronal Bright Point Heating and Evolution.
Volume: 415, The Second Hinode Science Meeting: Beyond Discovery-Toward Understanding
Page: 15
Authors: Farid, S.; Saar, S.; Govindan, R.; Deluca, E.
Abstract: We investigate the effect of the local magnetic field on the evolution and heating of coronal bright points (BPs) by examining a BP in a coronal hole and a BP in the nearby quiet sun. We attempt to discriminate the heating source of BPs by correlating fluctuations in emission in TRACE 171Å images, to changes in the unsigned magnetic flux of the associated bipolar region using GONG magnetograms, and potential field extrapolations. We confirm that changes in emission of the larger, quiet-sun bright point can be correlated to fluctuations in the total unsigned magnetic flux as predicted by previous studies. The quiet sun BP also appears to have a potential magnetic configuration over the observation period. However changes in emission in the smaller, coronal hole bright point appears to be less correlated to changes in the bipolar region. We also could not reproduce a potential-like extrapolation at any time during the observation period, possibly indicating the CH bright point may be non-potential.
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