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Paper: The Need for High Resolution in Studies of the 3-D Magnetic Field Structure of AGN Jets
Volume: 402, Approaching Micro-Arcsecond Resolution with VSOP-2: Astrophysics and Technologies
Page: 209
Authors: O'Sullivan, S.; Gabuzda, D.
Abstract: We are using “broadband” (4.6 to 43 GHz) multi-frequency VLBA polarization observations of compact AGN to investigate the 3-D structure of their jet magnetic (B) fields. Observing at several frequencies, separated by short and long intervals, enables reliable determination of the distribution of Faraday Rotation, and thereby the intrinsic B field structure. Transverse Rotation Measure (RM) gradients were detected in the jets of 0954+658 and 1418+546, providing evidence for the presence of a helical B field surrounding the jet. The RM in the core regions of 2200+420 (BL Lac), 0954+658 and 1418+546 display different signs in different frequency-intervals (on different spatial scales); we suggest an explanation for this in terms of modest bends in a helical B field surrounding their jets. In future, polarization observations with a combination of VSOP-2 at 8, 22 and 43 GHz and ground arrays at frequencies with corresponding resolution will help map out the distributions of Faraday rotation, spectral index and the 3-D B field structure both across the jet and closer to the central engine, providing strong constraints for any jet B field models.
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