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Paper: The Kinematics of the Methanol Maser at 6.7 GHz in Cepheus A
Volume: 402, Approaching Micro-Arcsecond Resolution with VSOP-2: Astrophysics and Technologies
Page: 392
Authors: Sugiyama, K.; Fujisawa, K.; Wajima, K.; Sawada-Satoh, S.; Isono, Y.; Honma, M.; Murata, Y.; Mochizuki, N.; Doi, A.
Abstract: We have conducted VLBI observations of methanol masers at 6.7 GHz with JVN and water maser at 22.2 GHz with VERA in the massive star-forming region Cepheus A (Cep A). The distribution of methanol maser spots showed an arc-like structure. Comparing the distributions of CH3CN line emission and continuum emission at 8, 22, and 43 GHz obtained from other observations, we inferred that the 6.7-GHz methanol masers in Cep A originates from a rotating disk with a radius of 690 AU, a PA of 110°, and an inclination of 73°. Also, some of the water masers in this region may be associated with the rotating disk.
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