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Paper: Structure and Kinematics of the CO (2-1) Emission in the Central Region of NGC 4258
Volume: 402, Approaching Micro-Arcsecond Resolution with VSOP-2: Astrophysics and Technologies
Page: 123
Authors: Sawada-Satoh, S.; Ho, P.T.P.; Muller, S.; Matsushita, S.; Lim, J.
Abstract: We present CO (2-1) observations towards the central region of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 4258 with the Submillimeter Array (SMA). Our interferometric maps show two arm-like elongated components along the major axis of the galaxy, with no strong nuclear concentration. The CO (2-1) morphology and kinematics are similar to previous CO (1-0) results. The velocity field of the components agrees with the general galactic rotation, except for the east elongated component, which shows a significant velocity gradient along the east-west direction. In order to account for the velocity field, we propose the kinematical model where the warped rotating disk is also expanding. The line ratio of CO(2-1)/CO(1-0) reveals that the eastern component with the anomalous velocity gradient appears to be warmer and denser. This is consistent with the gas in this component being closer to the center, being heated by the central activities, and possibly interacted by expanding motions from the nuclear region.
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